Semi-Custom Collection Policies and FAQ


Design and Approval Process
After purchase of your personalized semi-custom suite, we will personally contact you within two business days with a full mock up and further customization options, if applicable. We will NOT print any of your items until written approval has been given. If approval is delayed, the original timeline cannot be guaranteed. Once your approval is given, no additional changes or adjustments may be made.

Refunds and Returns
Due to the personalized nature of our products, refunds and returns are not available. Quantity cannot be decreased once the purchase is made. If, due to your oversight during the approval process, reprints are needed, they can be made for an additional fee.

Due to the collaborative nature of each stationery suite, we cannot guarantee that any element (envelopes, colors, foil, etc.) of your stationery suite will be available from our vendors. If an item were to prove to be unavailable, you will be notified immediately and presented with similar items of the same quality.

We carefully package and deliver every order to the post office, but are not responsible for the state of packages delivered once the package leaves our hands and is in the hands of a delivery company, such as FedEx, USPS, or UPS. We are not financially liable if the delivery company delays delivery time, loses the package, or damages the package. We do not currently offer international shipping.



Q: How many invitations should I order?
A: We suggest ordering one invite per household, one for each photographer and planner, and at least one to keep. Ordering an additional 10-15% for keepsakes, invitations that get lost in the mail (average is 3%) and any last-minute additional guests is recommended.

Q: What is included in each suite? What about envelopes?
A: Our “mini-suite includes the invite and response only. A "full-suite" includes the invite, response, and detail card. You may also order invitations or save the dates alone. Envelopes are not included with any order, but can be added to your order for an additional fee.

Q: Is postage included?
A: No, postage is not included due to the custom nature of these designs. We recommend that you take your finished invitations to the post office and have them weighed to ensure accurate postage.

Q: How much time will it take to get my order?
A: 3-4 weeks from purchase to delivery.

Q: Can I purchase additional items, such as envelopes, envelope addressing, envelope liners, etc?
A: Yes! Envelopes and envelope addressing can be added to your cart via the shop. If you have an idea for extras like envelope liners, treat bags, napkins, or something else, shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Can I customize the text to reflect our family circumstance?
A: Absolutely! The text shown in the product photos is representational. However, if no specifications are given in your questionnaire, the text will be formatted as seen in the photos.

Q: Can I customize the suite beyond what is listed in the “customization” section?
A: It's possible. In order to keep our semi-custom collection at a budget-friendly pricepoint, we typically do not allow additional changes to the design than what is listed. If you like the general vibe of our suites, but are looking for something more unique, you may be interested in our bespoke design services.


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